Chronicles of Scathach teaser

Hello! This is an update for anyone who still reads what I put out. My efforts to translate myself are taking a while. Not helped by the fact that Microsoft only puts out translation programs that work as well as Google. They’re all free, but I get the feeling that the only worthwhile programs are […]

I’m back, with some new toys!

Hey folks, I’m back. Sorry about disappearing like that. Daily life and all that. Didn’t even notice that I didn’t update my payment info for WordPress until I tried to get on my site. But I finally have an apartment in town, and a job that pays great, and a kickass (albeit cheap) laptop with […]

Beast of Chaos Chapter 3

The full moon shone down on the darkened camp as three people wandered around the corpses, finishing their search of it. “Find anything?” Asked Mordred as he walked up to Bast and Set. “A bit of gold. Some spices and gems. Food. Doesn’t look like they’ve been out here long enough to rob any caravans.” […]


Atticus opened the door to his apartment, saying as he walked in, “Sarah, you home?” The sight of his suitcase packed in the hallway brought him up short. After taking a moment to consider whether or not he should just grab the suitcase and leave, he sighed and proceeded into the living room. Upon entering […]

Chris Cornell

I just heard that Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and several other bands passed away last night. This is a dark day for rock music, and an even darker day for those who love him. I doubt that the words said on an amateur author’s blog will reach them, but my condolences and prayers go out […]

A Witch’s Troubles

Hey, it’s been a while since I posted anything. School and stuff. I’ll be posting things more often from now on. This was a little short story that I woke up with this morning. Not really anything important, barely reaches 1500 words, but it’s here. It’s the first story I’ve done in modern times. Don’t […]

Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu Extra 3: At that time…

I, when I was young, acted very violently. It certainly made for a big fuss. Really an unpleasant part to be written. Cross a dark stage with every effort to correct it (Especially with Aniki*). Usually after doing everything, including homicide, I was reassured. (Aniki is a familiar way of referring to an older brother, […]

Adding domains

I seriously need some helpful advice on this. Can anyone tell me what it means to add domains to my wordpress account? Like, if I add my patreon site to that, will it mean that the two sites can be linked to update whenever I make a post on one?